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How to Overcome Mental Illness and Schizophrenia with God’s Word—Sean and Doris Miller Testimony

How to Overcome Mental Illness and Schizophrenia with God’s Word—Sean and Doris Miller Testimony

Sean Miller had struggled to overcome mental illness—schizophrenia, paralyzing anxiety, devastating panic attacks and debilitating depression—on-and-off for years. His wife, Doris, remembers the heartbreaking day when she had to call the police to come collect her husband and take him to a psychiatric hospital. It was her only choice as he was a danger to himself and others. Sean remembers the symptoms that plagued his life then: the inability to make decisions, anxiety, compulsive behavior and even self-harm.

“It was like having a terrorist in my head because there were death threats constantly,” he admits.

Doris tuned into on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast in a quest for comfort and guidance on how to handle her husband’s mental illness. She happened to find Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle talking about “The God of the Breakthrough.” Doris knew the message they were speaking about was just for her when she heard Jerry Savelle say, “You don’t have to wait for your breakthrough any more. The God of the breakthrough is in your midst.”

Doris took that word for her and her husband. She began a journey of faith, learning all she could about God’s Word and the covenant promises that belong to all Christians. She and Sean eventually became Partners with Kenneth Copeland Ministries and began learning all they could about living by faith from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

After much prayer, Doris felt the Lord leading her to take Sean to Florida to seek treatment from Dr. Don Colbert. Sean reluctantly agreed and the two made the trip. When Dr. Colbert met them, he assured them that schizophrenia was treatable, something Sean had never heard before.

Today, Sean Miller lives a fulfilling, peaceful life, free from the symptoms of mental illness. He and his wife give God the glory for showing them what they needed at the exact time they needed it.

This video is the perfect encouragement for those who want to overcome mental illness, overcome schizophrenia, or even for those who have a loved one struggling with mental illness. God is the God of their breakthrough too!

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