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Kings Kaleidoscope – A Prayer (Explicit Version)

Kings Kaleidoscope – A Prayer (Explicit Version)

Copyright (C) 2016 Kings Kaleidoscope under exclusive license to Gospel Song Records. (lyrics below)

one of the most talked about songs on the new album. certainly my favourite on the album.


“About half the Kings Kaleidoscope fanbase is about to have a stroke because Beyond Control’s second-to-last song, “A Prayer”, has two f-words on it. Can you share the vision behind the song and the meaning?” Read more here:

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Written by Chad Gardner:

Will I fall or will I misstep?

Will I call you with my last breathe?

Will you be there for me after?

Will I waste inside the silence?

Where the fear is fucking violent

Wicked sinner thrown to Lions

With no hope on the horizon

If I fall or if I misstep?

If I call you with my last breathe?

Will you be there for me after?

Cuz I’m wasting in this silence

And my fear is fucking violent

I’m a sinner thrown to lions

Is there hope on the horizon?

Jesus, where are you?

Am I still beside you?

I’m right beside you

I feel what you feel

And I’m here to hold you

When death is too real

You know I died too

I was terrified

I gave myself for you

I was crucified

Because I love you

I love you, child


Beyond Control – Tracklist

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2. Enchanted
3. Most of It
4. Dust
5. Ride On Reprise
6. In This Ocean Pt. I
7. In This Ocean Pt. II
8. Friendship (Interlude)
9. Lost?
10. Sabotage/Home
11. Gone
12. A Prayer
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