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The Ultimate Prayer For Healing That Works – Get Miracle Results Now!

The Ultimate Prayer For Healing That Works – Get Miracle Results Now!
The Ultimate Prayer For Healing That Works – Get Miracle Results Now!

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Thank you for letting me pray for you.

God is good and He sent His Son so that you may be healed of whatever you are facing. Period.

Below are some Scriptures you should meditate on and think about until they root themselves in your heart.

31 Days To Your Healing Prayer Breakthrough

Read and spend time thinking about each Scripture below – 1 per day. 30-31 days later, depending what month you’re in, and you’ll be far closer to God and you simply will not be the same.

Old Testament

1) Exod 15:26

2) Exod 23:25-26

3) Deut 7:15

4) Ps 91:9-10

5) Ps 103:1-5

6) Ps 107:19-20

7) Prov 4:20-23

8) Isa 41:10

9) Isa 53:4-5

10) Isa 55:9-11

11) Isa 58:6-11

12) Jer 30:17

13) Mal 3:6

14) Mal 4:2-3

New Testament

15) Matt 7:7-11

16) Matt 8:16-17

17) Matt 9:35

18) Matt 15:30-31

19) Mark 11:22-24

20) Mark 16:17-18

21) Luke 4:17-19

22) Luke 9:1-2

23) Luke 10:8-9

24) Luke 13:16

25) Acts 4:29-30

26) Acts 5:15-16

27) Acts 10:38

28) Gal 3:13

29) James 5:13-16

30) 1 John 5:14-15

31) 3 John 2

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