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Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Prayer Warrior?

In the Army of the Lord the prayer warrior is one of the most important contributors. Using the analogy of an army the Pope is the commander in chief and bishops, cardinals and priests are high ranking officers. However, the most important members of the army are the prayer warriors who go to battle every day.

The direction provided by the commander and the high ranking officers is essential to winning the battle against evil but the hard work and dedication of the foot soldiers that carry out the missions help to win the war. Prayer warriors, however, have more to gain from their work than soldiers in the United States Army. There service as a prayer warrior benefits not only those who they serve but also themselves. This article will provide an overview of the prayer warrior and the advantages of being a prayer warrior.

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Prayer Warrior?

A prayer warrior is an individual who is willing to prayer for others out of the goodness of their heart and with no expectations of reward or payment. Prayer warriors may not personally know the individuals they are praying for but they pray for them as if they were a beloved family member or friend. The prayer of a prayer warrior is specific to the needs of the individual in need of prayer, filled with love and compassion for the individual in need of prayer and made with complete faith that God will answer the prayer according to His divine plan.

Being a prayer warrior is not always easy but it is something that everyone has the capabilities to achieve. The requirements of a prayer warrior include understanding the importance of prayer, believing that all prayers are answered, desiring to open your heart to all of God’s people and most importantly being available to pray for others each and every day. The need for prayer never ceases and prayer warriors should be willing to offer themselves in prayer at all times. The duties of a prayer warrior do not necessarily have to be time consuming but the time spent in prayer for others should be a time of sincerity and earnestness. It should also be time that is devoid of other thoughts and obligations.

Advantages of Being a Prayer Warrior

While prayer warriors are truly selfless individuals who desire to offer their prayer for the good of others, there are distinct advantages to being a prayer warrior. Spiritual growth is the most significant advantage to being a prayer warrior. In daily prayer for others with no expectations of reward, the prayer warrior grows spiritually in several ways. The first aspect of spiritual growth that comes from service as a prayer warrior includes learning how to pray effectively. Like everything in life, prayer takes practice. As prayer warriors become more experienced they learn to open their hearts and connect with God in new ways. Another aspect of spiritual growth that results from service as a prayer warrior is a heightened inner peace. Praying for others can be just as spiritually rewarding as offering prayers of thanksgiving. FinallyFeature Articles, helping others is an enlivening feeling that is difficult to achieve in other ways.