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Review: A Child’s Missal

A Child’s Missal
ISBN: 0-9741748-1-5
The Patmos Group
967 Bee Hollow Rd.
Shohola, PA 1858

The rituals always seemed to have deep meaning and the stained glass windows always stood out with such vibrancy. Yet, the symbolism and rich culture left me a bit bewildered. That is, until I read A Child’s Missal. It is a beautifully illustrated book showcasing the various stages of a Catholic Mass. It explains the different stages of the mass through photographs, paintings, drawings, and short blurbs. In my humble opinion, this visual prayer book would make a great gift for anyone entering the Catholic church, graduating from Catechism, or getting baptized. FinallyFree Articles, it would make a nice conversational piece and/or coffee table book for devout Catholics.